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I met this guy today
He saw me but from far away
I stood here
and he stood there
Almost as if he never cared
I glanced at him a couple of times
Only to see if he could read my mind
He was what they call a hottie
and yes I have to say he has some damn good body
Gorgeous you could say or even hot
Thank god he did have an old mans pot
He stood there and smiled and made me weak at the knees
I felt cripled and tiny like a little trampize
He had this look that could knock over an army
But it
was just soo great and almost alarming
But as this story comes to an end
I had to find out we where only friends.
I walk into the room and everything goes quiet
I look to find your face
But then I see you but not just you with your arms soo tight around her
She slowly kisses your face because she knows im watching
I turn and walk away before I black out
Then I look around everyone is soo Happy
You don't even notice me
Your don't even care you probabley are really happy that im not even there
Then the song slowly fades and you turn around
To see me lieing there on the ground
For that split second when you thought everything was alright
My life came to a complet stop
As you turn and see me there on the floor purple
You try and get me to breath but its too late becuase im already gone
Its Over
Game Over!!
When the sky is dark
and the stars are bright
I look upon them to find our light
Bright or DUll
Dark or Light
Ill be here watching everynight
Just to see your face upon the sky
To see your smile light up the night
As the snow slowly falls
and the sky turns to white
I get a fright becuase your image is gone from the night
Then I look and say to myself
"Everytime the snow falls someone is falling in love"
I think this time im the one falling
Falling from the heavens
To meet you in your sweetdreams.
Amazed by the way you do that
The way you make me fall head over heels with just one glance
You make a girl think they really have a chance
Then you tell them you love them
You tell them its true
Then one day you walk out and slam the door like it means nothing to you
I guess this is your moto your claim to faime
But whatever this is your driving me insane
You think you own the world and lifes soo damn great
but wait your nothing but a crappy cheap rate
A low class sugbmbag who thinks he owns my mind
but I guess all you where was a waste of time.
Scared Alone
As one single tear slides down my face I think
why did I let you do this to me
and why do I care
I should stop spending my life wishing you were here
I should just pack up and move on
and leave you and be totally 100 percent gone
I should turn around and look you in the face but I don't want to becuase all I will see is a messed up
Soo Goodbye and Goodluck and I hope life goes well and when your done i hope you rott in
I ask why
and you shut me out like im nothing
I feel alone and as if no one cares
Then I just look at you and stare
I can't take my eyes off your presents but I also can't understand
Why you did this to me
I was your first and now im your last
Its a race to your heart and im losing
I can't seem to overcome this fear inside
Its like im being stabed with a hundred thousand knives
I guess the thing that hurts the most is
In the end ill find out you were all wrong for me but yet soo right
and I guess thats why I fall for you time and time again
but maybe I should look past you to find a better man.
Best Friends
These two simple words are the buliding blocks of life
They hold you up when times get ruff
and don't let you down when the going gets tuff
They are a shoulder to cry on and a helping hand
Even when you think your life has hit rock bottom or even worse sand
They make you laugh so hard you cry
and then you wish you'd never die
so promise me this and tell me true


You're so perfect

It scares me

Its true

The way you know everything to say right there and then and right outta the blue

no questions no answer no thinking it through

Any time im confused or really not sure your there with the answer to make me secure

You're a smile

a heart

a tear

and a guy

but your also my tissue that came from the sky

so whenever your sad or really not sure

ill try to help you and be your simple cure

but baby I cant begin to tell you what you mean to me

your amazing and wicked

your everything so many words tied up in a bunch

Its like your a tossed salad in the bowl of life

Feelings are



Happy and

Sad but things are great I guess you could say

and maybe will be together some happy day.