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G i r l s ( :
- Shoutouts : ) -

: ]

"I had a dream last night
in it there was you
you took my hand and led me out
you told me all the things I need to hear
you said, " I love you", and yet im with her
you said, "I miss you", but belong to her."

Just one day with you,
and i was already hooked.
Just one look at you,
and i didn't want to see anything else.

One day you'll realize
That we were meant to be
One day when you're lost in paradise
You'll see

Why? Am I going stop calling you
because you do not have time for me anymore
I'd would always have time for you to spare.
Do You Remember All The Good Times
And Bad Times That We Shared,
All The Hopes And Dreams We Had
Nothing Else Could Ever Compare.



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