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G i r l s ( :
G i r l s ( :
- Shoutouts : ) -

(: your  all  a w e s o m e 


D E B B I E  M A R S H (: *  
awee...your a w e s o m e ... all always be here for you hun just like ur always there for me!
Debbie: Why are you walking werid
Alex: my back kills
Debbie: man you walk like paul haha and ill be gimpy
...haha good one debbie! S A F E T Y (: haha! Too Many Good Times (:


A L L I S O N  R A D F O R D (: *
your wicked(: you stuck by me through thick and thin (: weoo ... did it suddenly get hot in here or did **** just walk in haha ee rr ee rr haha!  (: ...stephen ryan rwar ;) ... your many sound affects... your plan to go to little harbour and follow lawson haha good onee..:P
F I R E the song is maddd :P! yourr soo blondd! haha too many good times ... :) TWO WORDS  C A R L T O N    D A N C E !! LMAO!!!!!


N I C O L E   A N S T E Y (: *
awee your amazing  :)  wicked advice hun haha! hydrolyics ...: P and our obese people story haha... year long walks...
Nicole: Debbie do you have a cat! AHHHH
Nicole: Debbie you better have a cat!
Debbie: Get out of here tiger.
Nicole: I T S   I N   M Y    S L E E P I N G    B A G : l
Alex: Debbie im not moving till you get that cat off the trampoline!
Debbie: Swat ... G O N E!
awee too funny att the timee :) freakss for lifee! :P... too many good times (:


S H A K A R A   A B B O T T ( : *
awee your my idol :)...haha camping...does anyone know us...nope...lets pimp it haha joke... Shaq: I WASNT!... our attemption too runn :)... my many excuses not to runn haha queens...Dylan Bishop (which you hate alot) Cardwell and Carisa :(...oh do I miss themm :(...crazy times together hun and many more to comee :P! weoo...

* Not Finished Yet!

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